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27 November

External doors - how to choose them

For many people the exterior door is mainly a protection. Both against noise, as well as atmospheric factors or intruders. It is worthwhile, however, in addition to practical ones they also have aesthetic qualities. If you are wondering what model to choose to correspond not only with the façade of the house but also with the window joinery, the answer will be below.

Wood in the first place

Natural wood is one of the most commonly used materials for exterior doors. It is characterized not only by excellent insulating properties, but also by acoustics. Wooden doors are extremely elegant. They give a certain kind of prestige. With proper care and periodic maintenance, it will serve us for many, many years - says the expert of Urzedowski brand.

Timeless simplicity

Contemporary architecture is extremely brave and is not afraid to lean on modernist solids. Modern and simple designs require simple but stylish exterior doors. The wooden doors of the panel will be perfect. A small two or four-story roof house will perfectly harmonize with the modest one-winged door or frame-shaped structure filled with large glass pane.

Madness of colors

In spite of the extremely important role that exterior doors play, they do not have to be boring or conservative. To stand out against the background of others, you should bet on color. Many manufacturers are moving away only natural wood colors for doors. Currently external doors are available in both graphite and navy blue, white, red and even green. If we decide on the white, we must remember that they will only be nicely presented in the company of white window frames. As for those in the shade of blue or light blue, they perfectly match the windows in almost every color. Current investors are people who are willing to put up with unusual solutions. They often decide on exterior doors with different colors or attractive details. Urzedowski brand offers not only proven and safe solutions, but also design elements and interesting colors - says the expert of Urzedowski brand.

In the right light

Entrance door to the house is a very important element that should be as durable as properly exposed and fit for the façade and garden. Once you have found the perfect door, you should take care of their lighting. A soft light will highlight the façade of the building and will illuminate the path leading to the house. A delicate lamp will be fine over the door. You can also use a light with a motion sensor or solar lights.

Properly matched

When choosing an external door, we must not forget that they are integral part of the whole building. With the current trends, we can successfully match the door to any house. The most important things to look out for are material, color, pattern and finish. Details such as glazing and carving are elements that give the door its character. But let's not forget that, for example, fancy decorated door handles, will much every house. It is worth to choose the door with a style that corresponds to the vision of our house. The consequence in the arrangement is the key to success. - says the expert of Urzedowski brand.

How to choose?

In choosing the entrance door in addition to technical parameters, we should also consider these aesthetic. It is important that the exterior doors are both resistant to rigging and consistent with the style of the arrangement. The minimalist style perfectly blends with the smooth and unadorned doors. The dominant colors in the minimalism are gray and black. As for the Scandinavian interiors, they are asking for wooden doors painted in white or pale blue. Adequately aged or gently carved, they also fit into rustic or romantic buildings - says the expert of Urzedeowski brand. Modern style gives us great possibilities when it comes to choosing doors or window frames. Large wooden wings, as well as those glazed or in intense color, will be found there.


Urzedowski has been present on the European market for more than 25 years. For a quarter of a century, quality and innovation have been a priority. Brand strategy has always been based on the use of new technologies and solutions, thus influencing the development of the entire industry. The wood is carefully selected as well as the rest of the components, Urzedowski has for years given the rooms a unique character, being synonymous with high quality joinery.

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04 September

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