Urzedowski - Definition of style

The Urzędowski brand, present on the market for over 25 years, has become synonymous for high quality wood joinery. Both wooden windows and wooden doors, manufactured from carefully selected batches of wood, bring a unique ambience and cosiness to each room. This can only be achieved through natural materials, which have been used in the building industry for ages.

Our Offer

Urzedowski wooden doors

Urzędowski wooden doors and windows have earned their reputation due to their unique design and continuous improvement in quality, while at the same time taking advantage of all the technical innovations. All the goods are solely custom-made and adapted to individual Customer needs, from the selection of wood type and to colours and accessories from our vast portfolio of designs, shapes and colours.


Exterior doors

We are convinced that the choice of exterior doors offered by Urzędowski is a decision that will give you satisfaction for many years to come. In our catalogue, you may find wooden doors designed both in subtle classic shapes and modern ones, which are more frequently used in cubic architecture.

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Combination wood & aluminium for windows and doors

Aluminium covers are an ideal choice if you are discouraged by the maintenance and costs associated with wooden windows and doors. Aluminium covers combine functionality, durability and aesthetics and allows for a two-toned approach to interior and exterior windows.

Exterior aluminium covers can be matched to fit the overall building design, façade or roof colours while interior windows, made from any wood species, full your home with unique character and cosy atmosphere.

Low Maintenance

  • Exterior Aluminium covers provide excellent protection against external conditions such as rain, damp, wind, pollution and direct sunlight
  • Interior wood frames are protected from harsh conditions providing the ultimate aesthetic appeal without the maintenance associated with exterior facing wood frames.

Our Wood Range

Stegu Africa has a wide variety of wooden windows and doors available which can be custom designed to any size, shape or wood variety. We expertly match the exterior frames with high-quality, aluminium covers to match any thickness profile or rounding-edge radius to complement any kind of design.

Wood and wood aluminium combinations provide excellent insulation, is energy efficient, visually appealing and makes renovation and building from natural timbers a reality even in the harshest conditions.

Green Brand Windows and Doors

Windows and Doors are more than just part of the building – they are the eyes of a home and form an intricate relationship with the building design and décor. Wooden windows combine energy efficient living with modern design and can transform any interior into a spectacular living space.

To ensure that our production does not threaten our environment, Stegu Africa uses reliable sources of timber that is consistent with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certifications.

The Urzędowski brand, which is distributed by Stegu Africa, was the first manufacturer of wooden windows which obtained Green Brand Certificate. The certificate is a guarantee that the products are environment and human-friendly. Our sources of supply of lumber are systematically controlled confirming compliance with responsible forest management practices and compatible with FSC certification.